Why Fight AI and Automation When You Can Supercharge Your Team Instead

From the start of your workday to the moment you close your laptop at night, there is a very good chance that you either heard about or experienced automation firsthand. The enthusiasm that surrounds automation in the workplace is the only thing rising faster than its own development. So then why do people still remain cautious about its transformation into our offices and our day-to-day? Surprisingly around half of all tasks performed in our day to day work activities could be automated –

What is Audible Reality

Over the last few years, we have learned that people listen to music in the worst ways (cheap devices, bad streaming quality, no control of the listening experience whatsoever). We also know artists aren’t getting paid much since almost 80% of listeners now stream their music and less and fewer listeners are buying music. In today’s world, there’s an emotional disconnection for fans of music when they listen through their devices. That feeling you have at a live concert or solo performance, for

Behind the Studio Glass with Audible Reality CEO

Behind the Studio Glass with CEO Matt Boerum The question of who is Audible Reality lies within its creative genius Matt Boerum. A musician first and an audio engineer second, Matt always seemed to find himself somewhere between his love for music and his creativity. Matt was involved in music from a young age, becoming obsessed with playing various instruments, singing and performing for live audiences. Growing up as the son of a carpenter/mechanic who was an all-out master of the do-it-yourse